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Laceytech provides a full range of technical support for broadband applications over cable. Keeping high speed internet and Voice Over IP systems up and running requires an understanding of all the elements. Laceytech has the in house knowledge of the RF, CMTS, Routers, Gateways and back office OSS platforms. 

Most configuration problems can be identified remotely.

  • Initial System Planning
  • CMTS Configuration and initial setup
  • Router Configuration and Setup (Cisco 2600 ...)
  • Identification of server, router and other network problems
  • On site Support
  • 7/24 Service Contracts 
  • Hourly rates for Troubleshooting and Support

For immediate assistance call +1 512 335-7422

Click button to purchase Initial Incident Troubleshooting - $100

Troubleshooting - Basic Requirements

Starting Point

  • What has changed in the system?
  • Modems registered?
  • CPE ping IPs ? URLs?
  • Bad routes? ARP tables?
  • SNR? CNR?
  • Packet errors on Ethernet, MAC, Transmit, Receive Interfaces?
  • RF levels? Balanced cable plant, upstream and downstream? Swept?

IP Connectivity

  • Telnet access
  • Firewall access
  • User names and passwords

Console / Server Connectivity

  • Serial Connection to CMTS / Router
  • Remote access to console - Radmin, Terminal Server, VNC

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