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Web based OSS Management and Provisioning System
Tiny Jade and Micro Jade CMTS

Info - Basic system information, access to syslog data, log data, provides web based telnet session and current revision of all system software elements

CMTS Info - Current CMTS configuration of downstream and upstream modulation, upconverter (if equipped), upstream SNR, read and write community strings and the cable modem shared secret.

Web Users – Manage which users can access this web based OSS control of the CMTS and cable modems.

Services – Manage the core servers built into the Pico OSS system. You can restart “RST”, turn “OFF” or “ON” the TFTP, TOD, Syslogd and HTTP servers.  The DHCP server can be configured “Conf”, restarted, turn OFF or ON and display all leases. You have complete control over static and dynamic pools for CPE and CMs.

Cable Modems – Inventory management of all cable modems on your system, including community strings for SNMP management.

Customers – Database management of subscribers. Manage all QoS profiles, generate the modem configuration files for DOCSIS 1.1 or 1.0 formats. Manage modem software upgrades. Optional bandwidth usage control is also configured in this location.

Monitor – Displays basic information on cable modem usage and connection process. Individual cable modem status can be queried. Traffic information is optional.

Reboot – Ability to reboot any cable modem. Reboot the CMTS.


Tiny Jade CMTS
Micro Jade CMTS
Outdoor CMTS
Embedded OSS
Amber OSS
SB5101 Modem
SL2810 Modem