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Laceytech is focused on delivering high speed internet, voice over ip solutions to small cable operators, MDUs, and REITs. These smarter solutions cover all elements for successful implementation of broadband business models.

End to end solutions require the use of products and software from several manufacturers and vendors. Laceytech management brings years of experience and industry relationships to expand the reach of broadband business models to the smallest cable system.

Low cost CMTS (Cable Modem Termination Systems), Cable Modems, Provisioning Servers, OSS (Operations Support Servers), Routers, RF Networks, Digital Upconverters, VOIP Gateways are among the products used in our Smarter Solutions.


Laceytech LLC  11607 Buckingham Road  Austin, TX 78759 Phone: +1 512 335 7422 Fax: +1 512 857 0024

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